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by Sarah Rizaga

September 29, 2014

Sheinside New Markdowns

New Markdowns for fashion lovers!

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Red High Waist Flare Skirt (link here)

White Black Long Sleeve Floral Print Blazer (link here)

Pink Lace Splicing Sexy Hollow Skirt Jumpsuit (link here)

Black Long Sleeve Tree Print Crop Sweatshirt (link here)

Beige Floral Split Sleeve V-neck Loose Dress (link here

Beige Batwing Sleeve Pockets Front Shawl Collar Blazer (link here)

Black Spaghetti Strap Backless Netted Prom Dress (link here)

Green Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Pleated Dress (link here)

Green Short Sleeve Floral Top With Shorts (link here)

Green Short Sleeve Floral Chiffon Full Length Dress (link here)

For more of these click here.
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September 28, 2014

Being Rude Will Get You to Nowhere

Everyday i wake up, i always try to reset my state of mind. I always make sure that i am at my best everyday. I always make sure to be nice and all. Because by that, i can lessen the amount of rudeness happening everyday.

When i look at people who looks at me, i always smile.
When people ask me questions, i always answer, even if its too awkward.
Because i don't want people to feel like they're less than what they are.
I don't want them to feel awkward pain.
I don't want them to just shrink just because people doesn't pay attention to them.
Because i do pay attention to everything i see.

Some people ive met are rude to me. I don't know why. Maybe because, they thought that being rude puts them higher than the other people. They think that brushing off people makes them look cool. But sorry, that ain't cool and will never be.

Making others feel so small about themselves, does NOT make you any bigger. It's just show how small and shallow you are as a person. Showing no kindness to other people is just plain rude okay?
Even if you think you're too cool to call their names, or to talk to them, JUST DO.
Because the people you think that are lower than you, are sometimes the ones who have something big, but just not too proud to show it off. 
So avoid being the laughing-stock in the end. And please be nice because being rude will get you to nowhere. For you, it may seem like you are ahead of other people, but trust me, YOU ARE NOT. 

So lovely readers, you may be wondering why i have these 3 different backgrounds in one post hmmm? It's just that i can't find a place that have nice lights while im outside the gate. You can tell by my first photo how hot the afternoon was, its was taken around 2 pm, my eyes are half close, and the res looks a bit yellow, and im a noob at editing so yeah, i deleted the other photos because they all suck. How i wish we have a nice park near our place huhu :'( 

This look is something i have a guilty-pleasure of donning because i really like shorts but just can't bring myself to wear one because of my awful legs. But you know, sometimes when i wake up i feel like i could wear anything and just don't care about people and their thoughts. Ahhh carefree days, still lives in me!

This Necklace is from
I don't know if you have heard that site before, but i think you should really check them out because they have lovely accessories, from necklaces to rings and everything in between!

I know most of you are already familiar in that store because they are quite popular already. They have high quality products with affordable prices, and i just love their sneaks their!

So what do you think of my look?
Comments are loved <3
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September 24, 2014

Fall Sweaters at Sheinside (25% OFF)


You know, im a big fan of sweaters, i even wear them whenever i have to run errands, and yes, even if its a sunny day! lol! I know im messed up but who cares? At least i look good! Right? (Please, people, agree with me on this one).

Do you love sweaters?
So please, be my guest and see what's my favorite fall sweaters from Sheinside.

Beige Long Sleeve Black Heart Print Sweater (Click here)

Green White Striped Long Sleeve Sweater (Click here)

Blue Long Sleeve Geometric Knitting High Low Sweater (Click here)

Grey Long Sleeve Loose Sweater (Click here)

Grey Long Sleeve Striped High Low Sweater (Click here)

White Long Sleeve Geometric Knit Cardigan (Click here)

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September 23, 2014

Being chic is about being confident

Style has permeated every hidden nook of our western culture.  On every towering billboard and each inescapable advertisement during the commercial breaks of our favorite show, there is something or someone there to remind us what our flaws are, how to fix them and who we should aspire to be.  To many, being chic and fashionable is about staying on top of the latest trends and about knowing what goes with what, but for those of us who haven’t the time or the patience to peruse every magazine on the rack, being chic starts with being confident.  After all, isn't being chic about being sexy and noticeable?  Isn't it about standing out in a crowd of drones?   While I don’t find anything wrong with it, many people’s idea of chic costs them tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime, but nothing is as sexy and individual is confidence and class.   I can guarantee you that most other people will feel the same. 

For me, being chic starts with my ability to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see.  I’m not terribly handsome, but I’m well-groomed and I don’t let myself go with the sweets.  I work out on a semi-regular basis, but no one would look at me and ask what gym I go to.  I take care of myself and I work hard at the things I love.  I abide by the golden rule, and because of these simple philosophies, I like who I am.  This translates into something profound for many of my peers.  I also take a bit of pride in the way I look.  I wear a suit to work, and I make sure that it’s always clean.  The appropriately fitted suit is a deal maker or a deal breaker in many business situations.   If I feel good when I look in the mirror in the morning, I feel unstoppable after I put on a tailored suit.  It becomes an extension of my masculinity and my professionalism.   It makes me a better me. 

Also, while I hate to think that the latest fashions make a difference, the classy and timeless ones definitely do.  Few things exemplify chic like a Rolex.  It’s like a business card that you wear.  It’s a crisp and glinting PhD on your wrist.  The Rolex and the well-fitted suit are bona fides that accompany you to every meeting, on every romantic date and the most meaningful endeavors.   Again, I honestly believe that being fashionable and relevant begins with you and how you view yourself, but it never hurts to accessorize and call attention to your confidence.  If you’re on the same page as I am, go online to either The Watch Buyers Group or and see how to make the best and most confident version of yourself. 

Everyone, no matter his income or physique has the potential to wildly fashionable and stand out in a crowd in a positive way!

Sponsored post.
Words and pictures are not mine.
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September 22, 2014

Tidebuy Luxury Bedding Sheet

Hello lovely people! (nah! lovely is getting old!)
You know, i don't really know what to call you guys here in my blog. Should i address you as readers? lovelies? fashion babies? or wallflowers? You take your pick. And comment down below <3

First off, i would like to apologize to all of you because its been almost 2 weeks since i last posted my ootd. Blame the weather *insert chosen name here*! And also my sister for not coming home again! Although i have lots of outfits to shoot, i just don't have the right person who can work behind the camera as good as my sister! lol! And i would like to inform you *insert chosen name here* that this week i will be super busy and i will just leave you all with a scheduled posts ��
Why im busy you ask? Because its our Semi Thesis Defend, and i have to study really hard ��. Please expect an ootd post next week ☺ ��
Okay, back to the main thing!
I know most of you are already familiar with the store Tidebuy, of course you are! Because i featured them in my blog lots of time here and hereTidebuy is one of those stores who can give us a variety of products, from fashionable clothes to fashionable bedding sets! 

Today, im gonna tell you about the Tidebuys Cheap Luxury Bedding Sets. Tidebuy offers cheap fashionable 3D bedding sets. And isn't it cool that when you came home from work and all you wanna do is rest or doze off for a minute in your comfortable beddings? I don't know if its just me but, i really like to spend more minutes in my bed, if the covers are beautiful and welcoming. I find comfort in beauty.

So take a look at my personal favorite bedding sets.

Ahhh i just love flowers! Cause im a flower girl, not flower girl in the wedding okay?

So what's your favorite from these *insert chosen name here*?
Comments are loved <3

Anyway, i hope you have a lovely day ^_^

And don't forget to join my giveaway here!
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September 20, 2014

Oasap's Best Sellers Giveaway (closed)

I have a very good news to all of my lovely readers out there!
Yes, Oasap decided to sponsor a giveaway for my blog to thank all of the lovely people who are supporting their brand. 

All you just need to do is to register in their site here and like their facebook page here. Then you can Choose the product you like the most and Comment in this post with your registered email from Oasap.

So easy right?

You can pick from these items:

1. Eye Sleeveless Dress: (click here)

2. Paneled Houndstooth A-line Dress: (click here)

3. Ruffled Sleeveless Chiffon Dress: (click here)

4. Vintage Jacquard Sleeveless Dress: (click here)

5. Black Cut-out Mini Dress: (click here)

6. Grey Digital Calculator Print Sweatshirt: (click here)

This giveaway will last for 8 days. Starting today to September 28.

To make this giveaway valid, there must be 50+ participants that are Oasap registered member. If this giveaway did not get 50+ participants, there will be no winner. So please share this giveaway, the more participants, the more chances that you can win this giveaway ^_^
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September 19, 2014

Beach Wedding Dresses From TBDress

When talking about romantic beach wedding ceremony, there is always one same thing to mention. That is beach wedding dresses. Beach wedding dresses are necessary items for beach weddings for their flowing design and silhouette styling. Weddings are what start the happy life of a new couple, so almost all brides and bridegrooms want to have a wonderful wedding. Usually, wedding dresses come as the premier factor. However, not all people can buy luxury branded wedding gowns, so cheap beach wedding dresses become a quite considerable choice.

So where to find these cheap Wedding Dresses?
I say, visit TBdress and experienced their products.

Though im not planning to get married yet (please, i don't even have a boyfriend!), these dresses really got me thinking about what my wedding gown will be. But mind you, there's no other person involved, let's just make that one clear okay? lol!

So... let's just take a look at my favorite Wedding Dresses, and let me know what's your favorite.

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