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by Sarah Rizaga

October 17, 2014

Oasap's Cardigan Giveaway

Hello lovely readers!
So who's up for another giveaway?
Cause im having a giveaway once again, and this time the winner of this giveaway will win one of these lovely cardigans from Oasap

So let's get started shall we?

You can pick your favorite cardigan as seen above in here:

1. Fancy Geo Knit Cardigan: (click here)
2. Twisted Pattern Batwing Sleeve Cardigan: (click here)
3. Fancy Open-Front Knit Cardigan: (click here)

Fill up the rafflecopter for your entries.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway will last for 7 days. Starting today to October 24, 2014.
To make this giveaway valid, there must be 50+ participants that are Oasap registered member. If this giveaway did not get 50+ participants, there will be no winner. So please share this giveaway, the more participants, the more chances that you can win this giveaway ^_^
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October 16, 2014

Dreams and the Perfect Pair of Shoes

Do you have dreams?
Are you working for it to make it happen?
You know, making your dreams a reality requires more than the ability, the perseverance, the passion, and the will. Sometimes, what you need is that one little thing that will help you chase your dreams. And you know what that thing is? A perfect Shoes.

"Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she'll conquer the world."
-Marilyn Monroe

As a girl, one thing i always consider is a good trustworthy shoes when setting my foot outside the house. Because it is my safe haven when im in a place where i feel the need to prove myself, be it in school, or companies, or even running some errands. And one thing i also noticed is that, people seems to categorized you base on your shoes/heels because you can always mix and match your outfit, but never the shoes. You can either wear this nude pumps or that white creepers, bu you can never wear two different shoes at the same time. 

A shoes can be the reflection of your own personality, it tells a lot by how you wear it and of what kind of shoes you love to wear. Choosing a shoes can be difficult sometimes, because we all have our different taste and style and sometimes, we just can't find them. The good news is, we don't have to tire ourselves up just by looking for that perfect pair, because we could also browse ZALORA PH for heels as they have a whole range of women's platform shoes for you to choose from. So take that chance at ZALORA Philippines.

So when you are about to catch your dreams or is chasing it, never forget to put on that perfect pair of shoes because im sure it will take you to somewhere. And dreams? They gives us a meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Just remember that they really do come true so follow them and never let go. 
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October 13, 2014

Echopaul Giveaway

Hello lovely readers! 
To thank you all for supporting my blog, i am hosting another giveaway and this time it is sponsored by Echopaul. The winner of this giveaway will win a $30 coupon code that can be used as cash in their website here. So lets get started shall we?

First, you have to follow me via GFC,  then you can choose your favorite item here or in the collage i made, the links of the products are provided below. Fill-up the rest of the entries via Rafflecopter. And lastly, comment your chosen item in this post with your email.

1. link here / 2. link here / 3. link here / 4. link here / 5. link here / 6. link here / 7. link here / 8. link here / 9. link here

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway is open internationally and runs from October 13, 2014 to October 29, 2014.

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October 9, 2014

Sheinside Halloween Collections

Halloween is just around the corner! Now its time to pick some clothes that we'll wear during that time! So do you have plans about what your costume would be like? Or you're one of those kids who sports casual pieces yet rocks the theme of the Halloween? Well, fear not lovelies, i have a great news to ya'll!

Fashion Lovers


3 Gifts For You !
Full Of Surprises!
1,Aha!Spooky Deal!(Oct8-Nov.2)
2,OMG!Endless Surprises!(Nov.3-Dec.1)
3,Whoopee! Upcoming 2015(Dec.2--Jan.3,2015)

And Round 1 has just hit the mark! So for the first round of Sheinside's awesome spooky deals they are offering casual Halloween outfits that can be worn any day. You know, that's what i look when buying clothes, i make sure that it speaks versatility. And the cool thing is that, you can have an additional savings by using this coupon code preh30 and you can get 30% off from your Spooky Deal purchase! And yes, please bear in mind that this deal can only be use until Oct 26, 2014.

So for Round 1, here are my top picks from their Sheinside Halloween Collections

1. Black Long Sleeve Skull Print Top With Skirt (link here)
3. White Long Sleeve Skull Print Asymmetrical Dress (link here)

1. Black Contrast Sheer Mesh Yoke Skull Print Sweatshirt (link here)
2. Black Long Sleeve Skull Beauty Print Sweatshirt (link here)
3. Blue Long Sleeve Skull Print Loose Sweatshirt (link here)

1. Black Skinny Skeleton Print Elastic Leggings (link here)
2. Blue Pockets Ripped Skull Embroidered Denim Pants (link here)
3. Black Skinny Skeleton Print Leggings (link here)

1. Black Skull Gem Ring Handbag Clutch Purse Crossbody Bag (link here)
2. Yellow Skull Embellished Clutch Bag (link here)
3. Black Skull Pattern Rivet Clutch Bag (link here)
4. Multicolor Gemstone Retro Gold Skull Necklace (link here)
5. Gold Spike Skull Chain Necklace (link here)
6. Red Skull Rivet High Heel Shoes (link here)
7. Black Gemstone Gold Skull Bracelet (link here)
8. Black Gemstone Retro Silver Cross Ring (link here)
9. Blue Cross Skull Bead Bracelet (link here)

So any thoughts about my handpicked favorites from Sheinside Halloween Collection?
Never miss this out guys <3
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October 2, 2014

Tidebuy Black Friday Hot Sale

Hello lovely readers!
So its this time of the year again! We all know that Christmas is coming, and that we will be busy picking up awesome gifts for our loved ones. We will be shopping like crazy at the malls, we will be worn out because of going here and there just to find that right shoes for dear sister, or to find that perfect dress for our beautiful mom, or to find that cool accessories for our friends. And i think we can't find all of them at one stop right? We need to scout and go over to that huge and crazy crowds just to get that discounted boots that you've dreamed about. So to prevent all the hassles, i have a good news to all of you! Tidebuy is having a Black Friday Hot Sale! *pops a confetti*
Isn't it awesome?! Tidebuy has it all. When you're in need for discounted shoes/boots/heels and everything for your pretty little feet, they have it discounted!
Be it dresses, skirts, blouses, accessories or even sexy lingerie's, they got it all! And you know whats the best part? You need not to throw yourself to the crazy crowds just to get what you want. You just have to sit in front of your computer and find what you're looking just by clicking. Duh.
So, as early as now, i suggest you to go and eye for the cutest and cheapest finds you can spot in this store :)

Here are some of my favorites!

1. Korean Slim Rose Long Sleeve Trench Coat (link here)
2. Chic Stylish Pure Color Lapel PU Jacket (link here)
3. Vogue Style Pure Color Hooded Long Trench Coat (link here)
4. Chic Pure Color Double-Breasted Lapel Trench Coat (link here)

1. Fabulous High Quality Print Pleated Hem Dress (link here)
2. Multi Color Letters Print Loose Long Autumn Dress (link here)
3. Contrast Color Doll Collar Flower Long Sleeve Dress (link here)
4. Blue Long Sleeve Doll Collar A-line Slim Woolen Dress (link here)

1. Multi Color Loose Plus Size Print T-shirt (link here)
2. Gray Heart-shaped Long Sleeve Round Neckline T-shirt (link here)
3. Multi Color Rose Flower Print Long Sleeve T-shirt (link here)
4. Gorgeous Backless Sexy Tank Top (link here)

1. Blue Worn Out Denim Pants (link here)
2. Multi Color Black Zipper Jacquard Skirt (link here)
3. Stunning Shorts Asymmetrical Empire (link here)
4. Fantastic Fashion All-matched Slim High Waist Skirt (link here)

1. Fashionable Sweet Korean PU Bag (link here)
2. Lovely Weave Clutch Bag (link here)
3. Candy Colored Sweet Hand Bag (link here)
4. Fashion Block Button One-Shoulder (link here)

1. Shining Platform Stiletto (link here)
2. Lace Up Chunky Heels PU Short Boots (link here)
3. Elegant Classy Black Butterfly Cut-out Sandals (link here)
4. Immaculate Suede Black High Heels Sexy Sandals (link here)
5. Stylish Grey Belt Buckle Yuppie Canvas (link here)

To check more of these, click this link here.

I hope you find the perfect gifts for the people you love <3
So be sure to check them out.
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September 29, 2014

Sheinside New Markdowns

New Markdowns for fashion lovers!

30% OFF OVER $100

35% OFF OVER $150

40% OFF OVER $200

Hurry up to start your new purchase on Sheinside!

Red High Waist Flare Skirt (link here)

White Black Long Sleeve Floral Print Blazer (link here)

Pink Lace Splicing Sexy Hollow Skirt Jumpsuit (link here)

Black Long Sleeve Tree Print Crop Sweatshirt (link here)

Beige Floral Split Sleeve V-neck Loose Dress (link here

Beige Batwing Sleeve Pockets Front Shawl Collar Blazer (link here)

Black Spaghetti Strap Backless Netted Prom Dress (link here)

Green Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Pleated Dress (link here)

Green Short Sleeve Floral Top With Shorts (link here)

Green Short Sleeve Floral Chiffon Full Length Dress (link here)

For more of these click here.
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September 28, 2014

Being Rude Will Get You to Nowhere

Everyday i wake up, i always try to reset my state of mind. I always make sure that i am at my best everyday. I always make sure to be nice and all. Because by that, i can lessen the amount of rudeness happening everyday.

When i look at people who looks at me, i always smile.
When people ask me questions, i always answer, even if its too awkward.
Because i don't want people to feel like they're less than what they are.
I don't want them to feel awkward pain.
I don't want them to just shrink just because people doesn't pay attention to them.
Because i do pay attention to everything i see.

Some people ive met are rude to me. I don't know why. Maybe because, they thought that being rude puts them higher than the other people. They think that brushing off people makes them look cool. But sorry, that ain't cool and will never be.

Making others feel so small about themselves, does NOT make you any bigger. It's just show how small and shallow you are as a person. Showing no kindness to other people is just plain rude okay?
Even if you think you're too cool to call their names, or to talk to them, JUST DO.
Because the people you think that are lower than you, are sometimes the ones who have something big, but just not too proud to show it off. 
So avoid being the laughing-stock in the end. And please be nice because being rude will get you to nowhere. For you, it may seem like you are ahead of other people, but trust me, YOU ARE NOT. 

So lovely readers, you may be wondering why i have these 3 different backgrounds in one post hmmm? It's just that i can't find a place that have nice lights while im outside the gate. You can tell by my first photo how hot the afternoon was, its was taken around 2 pm, my eyes are half close, and the res looks a bit yellow, and im a noob at editing so yeah, i deleted the other photos because they all suck. How i wish we have a nice park near our place huhu :'( 

This look is something i have a guilty-pleasure of donning because i really like shorts but just can't bring myself to wear one because of my awful legs. But you know, sometimes when i wake up i feel like i could wear anything and just don't care about people and their thoughts. Ahhh carefree days, still lives in me!

This Necklace is from
I don't know if you have heard that site before, but i think you should really check them out because they have lovely accessories, from necklaces to rings and everything in between!

I know most of you are already familiar in that store because they are quite popular already. They have high quality products with affordable prices, and i just love their sneaks their!

So what do you think of my look?
Comments are loved <3
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