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December 21, 2014

Starting Over Again

These past few months, my life has gone downhill. It all started when my bad leg took its course for a week and that the routine i worked hard to maintain got ruined.

Let me tell you, last month i decided to devote my life as a healthy person, really healthy that i started to feel good about my body because i always had a body issue. Some of my friends noticed that i lost weight, and i was pretty happy about it and i proudly told them about my diet. And my diet was just the tip of an iceberg, because i redesigned my life, i even set the right time of my body clock and wake up pretty early in the morning. I even cooked my breakfast and shower and just feel alive the whole day.

It all went smoothly until the very unfortunate day, i won't go into details but i hate how my bad leg can change the entire rhythm of my life, it's like a wrong key that you can't help not hitting. After that, i felt so lifeless, i started to eat unhealthy food, sleep late and wake up late, i dont even shower anymore (only when there's no class lol).

That's the thing about me, if i missed the step 1, the entire routine will be ruin. I have to follow the correct steps of how i designed them to work in my life.

Weeks had passed, i realized that im going nowhere. I realized that this is not what i want for my life, i have to snap out of it, i have to be alive again because that's what im here for in the first place. I dont want to mope around and blame my bad leg why im living the kind of life im in right now. I have to wake up and save myself from the illusions i created because this is my life, im in charge and i have the power and control over it.

So im starting over again. I just hope that my bad leg would lay low for a while so i can handle the things that i have to deal with.

Okay, i know that im not supposed to be whiny about this since Christmas is coming, but in my defense, i have to be whiny about it in order to see and hear myself of how im doing before Christmas, because i have to be whole, alive and happy during that joyful day, and not just for that day, but for the whole entire year.

Anyway, i hope you are happy with your life right now, if not, then change for the better.


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December 19, 2014

Streetstyle with Stylemoi

Hello lovely reader/s!

Christmas is so near! Im so excited! Are you?
I just love how everything i see in our neighborhood are just so cheery! I love how the little kids would come up to your front door and sing a christmas song! Everything is just perfect! Though part of me still want the old days where everything is just merry and free from selfish needs! Ugh i don't want to sound stuck up here.

Lately, i've been experimenting with my style, and my current obsession is Street Style. Though i don't really know the ins and outs of this style, well im getting a headstart with and i round up my favorite items from Stylemoi and loved how these gorgeous ladies owned this style.

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December 17, 2014

Ball Gown Dresses from Tidebuy

Hello lovely reader/s

Here we are again, so do you guys have an idea where to shop if you're looking for a cheap ball gown dresses?
If you will ask me, my answer is "YES!" I know that most of you are already familiar with, i featured them in some of my posts and i also received and was satisfied with their products. They never fail to amaze me with the quality of their products not to mention that they have really nice customer service.

I know that prom is coming, do you have your dress already? It never hurts to prepare early you know, and actually, its actually great to prepare early so you'll save yourself from the hassle. So i round up my favorite ball gown dresses from their store, and these are my favorites from the thousands of dresses you can choose from Tidebuy.

(please click on the photos to be directed)


This dresses looks so princessy, and i love the floral details!


And who says you can never go and have fun with edgy dresses?



I love the colors of these dresses specially the details of trail. These are just so sweet and i love the sweetheart neckline.


This purple dress is my favorite! Actually all of them are my favorite but this one is just so simple but the back details and color is just so beautiful!


Ahhh if you guys are on a look out for an on-point cheap ball gown dresses and is unique, then i recommend this Fancy Scoop Neckline A-Line Lace Beading Flowers Dress.

Check out the details of this dress! Fancy!


Mos of these ball gown dresses are 70% off.

Visit them here:

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December 14, 2014


Christmas is just around the corner! Who's excited?!
And you know what's the best things about it aside from the jolly christmas cheer?
Year-end Back Sale at Sheinside! Trust me, they have the most awesome and high quality products. And good news fellas! They have up to 80% off discount so get your gear and shop-on!

Try our best to amaze your year-ending!
Up to 80% 0ff!
Date:Dec/10-Dec/17 here: YEAR-END BACK SALE


Grey Spaghetti Strap Ruffle Flare Dress (click here)
Green Leaves Print Bodycon Skirt (click here)


Black Long Sleeve Zipper Crop PU Leather Jacket (click here)
Black Long Sleeve Oblique Zipper Crop Jacket (click here)


Pink Sleeveless Bow Slim Vest (click here)
Black Sleeveless Letters Print Split Maxi Dress (click here)


Red High Waist PU Skirt (click here)
Purple Leopard Rose Print Skirt (click here)


Red Round Neck Long Sleeve Lips Sequined Sweater (click here)
Black Round Neck Long Sleeve Lips Sequined Sweater (click here)

Happy Shopping guys!
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December 13, 2014

I Know Places

Its been quite a while since my last ootd post, but im glad that the weather was good when we shot this outfit.

Anyway guys, i can't stop listening to Taylor's  new album and i love all the tracks. Ive been listening to it since its release and up to now, im still hooked! My first favorite was Bad Blood and i actually made an ootd post about it (click here), and now im lovin I Know Places!

Right now, im actually prepping for our Prelim exam next week. I have a 4 subjects, 3 majors and 1 minor. The thing is, the minor is demanding more attention! I cant even! Gaaah i have to deal with this like a true fighter! lol! Keep Fighting!

This is my last sem anyway, so better do good than sorry, right?

Seriously, i need to improve my poses! 

If you've been following me on InstagramTwitter, & Facebook, you'll know that i received 6 parcels from my sponsors. I can't wait to show and style them for ya'll to see. 

This Cropped Baseball Tank Top is from OASAP.COM
Ive been looking for this, because numbered tee is a thing right now, and i can't find any that suits my needs for fashion. But im glad that oasap is there to fill my needs.

Aaaand this Worn-out Denim Jeans and Side Zipper Boots are the bomb! They are perfect!
I got them from TBDRESS.COM

I really love how comfortable they are.

Remember, comfort before Style.

Okay thats it!
Im gonna go and study now!
Ohhh life of a student!
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